Household appliance trends to anticipate


From the beginning of human civilization, people were already creating furniture to use in their homes. They crafted beds, dressers, and cupboards, from materials like wood, stone and animal bones. Later on, as their skills and techniques improved, so did the complexity of the items made. This has been the norm over the years. Today we have new trends taking shape as the future beckons. Here is what you can expect in the coming years.

It is all about the colour

Colour coordination has always been the soul of interior design. It is the one thing that would tell you about a person’s personality as soon as you walk into their home. In the colour schemes lies their personal tastes and preference. Nevertheless, we are likely to see the combination of pastel pink rose quartz and powder blue serenity taking centre stage in home décor soon. Its cool and soothing appearance is seen as an antidote to the many stresses people encounter every day.

The calm and quite look are also to be expected in the wallpapers. Consumers don’t want the noise anymore. Simplicity is all they care for.

Despite all the shift in dynamics, there are certain areas that would still retain their outlook. Bathrooms and kitchen are still not done with brass, rose gold, copper, and gold. These warm metals will be dominating those spaces and a few other areas in the home for the next couple of years or decades.


Seeing just how much people care about the interior design of their homes and offices, customization will be given a huge priority. Instead of buying new appliances, people will be refurbishing the old ones and keeping them. Thanks to advancement in technology, we now have software that enables customers to participate in designing of their furniture by selecting the fabric, size, and configuration. The textural design will also be making a great appearance as it helps to add depth and texture. When it comes to the walls, you will be seeing a great deal of roughness created through teardrop wall, Galapagos wall, and charred cedar designs.

Use of technology

It was only a matter of time before technology and furniture found a way of co-existing together. People will be looking for ways of incorporating the two so as to help save on space. The same goes for other living room items. It would be more of homeowners channeling their inner creativity.

In all the trends mentioned above, a wood expert will play a very significant role in doings things right. However, you would have to get the best in the industry if you want quality service. A company with a good reputation, experienced personnel, and reliable. That company is none other than our firm. 50 years in the industry and thousands of satisfied clients later speaks for itself. Give us a call today on 021 300 1969 and let us negotiate the rates.

— Paul Shultz, Manager